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THE BEE - A little more about the presenter!


The person you see holding the show together is not someone who just woke up one day wanting to be a hypnotist!

The idea came to Kev when he was 12 years old after seeing Andrew Newton in action at a theatre in Newcastle upon-Tyne

An accidental Xmas present in 1982, when Kev was just 3 years of age, led to the showbiz work he is involved in now, a set of hastily bought junior double decks were the catalyst for a long and sometimes tough career, realizing that a microphone could hold an audience attention, and that you could play two records at once made Kev want to work in the entertainment industry, confined to many years of fantasy and walking around his parents house with his finger in his ear, pretending he was a live radio DJ made his parents sit up and think, on his 10th Birthday all that changed....a million and a quarter people heard Kev take over the airwaves of Metro Radio for one hour under the guise of LITTLE FLASH on Nightowls, the UK's most listened to phone in, although not allowed to dish advice on calls he cued and introduced records, the weather, the news and traffic report, reading out dedication. The tapes still exist but before his voice broke so very rare that he will ever let you hear them! To open picture click on thumbnail




It was a long time before Kev took to the airwaves again after that night, but in June 1993 Kev became involved with a local radio project called Wavelength Radio and in turn built a long standing relationship with Wear FM, a North East radio station, one of the youngest people to grace their airwaves you would find him their every Saturday for the following 2 years.

Alongside this Kev was working weekends and evenings with his own mobile disco called Diamond Ice Discos, it was only mobile thanks to his mum and dad and a big kick ass trailer, pubs and social clubs were surprised to find that the DJ was only 14/15! One of his longstanding memories of DJ'ing was his dad negotiating an extra hour at a rugby club for a full mince pie...

In 1998, Kev became heavily involved with the setting up of a new community based station called Tynesound FM, as a result of his involvement the station got a personal endorsement from TONY BLAIR, although the station never got on air, it did attract the attention of The Express Newspaper, who in turn took some of Tynesound's ideas and even had kev and a fellow presenter on air every Tuesday evening.


Whilst DJ'ing for The Swallow Hotel group, Kev met another hypnotist and was taken back to that night in November, when he had witnessed an amazing show, asking the hypnotist about training possibilities, Kev was trained in record time and then launched The Kev Bee Hypnotic Experience, quickly becoming a member of FESH and Equity and keeping to the ethical code set out by many of the founder members of FESH.

Kev isn't a wannabee who uses his hypnotist show to look good, he isn't an ego who makes the show about him, he is a long standing entertainer, with many years experience with crowds, who ensures that the show is about the volunteers, the audience and everyone who is at the show.

Book the real deal, book an entertainer, not a fraud or an ego, book KEV BEE today.




The Kev Bee Hypnotic experience can be booked for ANY event, the hypnotist show is available for private parties, pubs, clubs, television and radio, weddings, colleges and universities, armed forces home and abroad, corporate events, hotels, cruise liners, holiday camps, cabaret, stag nights, hen nights, product launches, Christmas and New Year parties, bank holiday events. In fact, as long as your venue has electricity then we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.







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