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Hypnosis FAQ


We have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about Hypnosis, if you are booking a party and want to know any more information then please contact us on


What does being hypnotized feel like?

In short AMAZING!!!!, almost everyone experiences different sensations when hypnotized but one consistent bit of feedback is how relaxing and enjoyable the experience is. Most people have actually experienced hypnosis without even knowing it, becoming lost in a book or movie where you lose track of time and everything around you is a good example of light hypnosis. When you experience hypnosis on stage or in therapy you progressively relax more, deepening the state of hypnosis, most people feel this to be very euphoric. Hypnosis acts as a gateway to your unconscious mind and by accessing this gateway you gain an enhanced sense of imagination.


Is Hypnosis safe?

Absolutely 100% safe! Due to hypnosis being a natural state of mind it is in no way dangerous, many myths exist about hypnosis, this stems from the days when hypnosis was presented as "magic" or that the hypnotist could make you do "anything". Hypnosis will not leave you mentally scarred, you can not be "stuck" in a trance in fact you are fully conscious and are aware of everything going on around you. Also hypnotists can not make you do anything that would go against your beliefs or moral values.


How do you ensure my customers/guests at the event are safe if they volunteer to take part?

Firstly all stage hypnotists have to agree to act within the stage hypnosis act of 1952. The hypnotism act basically states that providing hypnotists follow these guidelines and laws then hypnotism is safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. As a professional entertainer Kev Bee ensures that all his clients and customers are safe by following the legislation set out and that the show is ethical in every sense of the word. We can provide full risk assessments on request and we have public liability insurance.


What sort of events will you provide a show for?

There are so many different events, basically if you have a party and would like a hypnotist then why not go ahead and book the show! Stage Hypnotism is a numbers game in the sense that the more the merrier will make your night even more unforgettable. If you have electricity and friends/colleagues coming to a function then we will be happy to discuss and perform a show for you.


How much does it cost for a show?

All shows are tailor-made to suit audience, age, venue etc. Their are various factors to consider, we don't add VAT or have hidden add-ons, the price we quote is the total price. We don't add expenses or travel costs into the price either if the performance is UK based.


Can you travel anywhere?

We will consider all UK and international work, we can accommodate holiday seasons, cruises, weekends and short break packages.


How do I book the Kev Bee Hypnotic Experience for my event?

You can contact us anytime via our contact number or via our email at In general our calendar can fill up quite fast, especially from past clients who want to ensure they have one of the UK's freshest and funniest hypnotists. Some of our work is booked 12 months in advance so the sooner you can book the sooner we can confirm dates, however if we have any dates that are available closer to the date you wish then we can see if we can fit it into our schedule. To book us get in touch and we will give you a free quote, we normally contact you within 24 hours of your initial contact. Once we confirm a booking we will issue contracts to confirm booking requirements. About a week before the event we will get in touch to ensure all arrangements are still in place and finalize the event, Kev Bee will get in touch personally a day or two before the show.


What are the venue requirements for the show?

If your venue has a room then we are sorted! Add onto that an audience and you have a show, again, the more of your friends and colleagues you can rally up for this amazing show then the better. The show is all self contained which means that we provide our own sound and make use of venue lighting. Once the show is booked we can arrange to visit the venue if need be. The only props required are a number of chairs, 6-10 if possible.


Will you work with other entertainment at venues, for example DJ's etc?

Absolutely! Its always nice to meet new people, just let us know if that is the situation. The only reason we ask is that if there is additional entertainment then it is sometimes possible and quicker to plug in through a PA system already set up, obviously to their agreement. In fact Kev Bee has been a professional DJ for 18 years so we can accommodate a 2 in 1 show if you wish.


How long is your show?

For normal venues its normally about 1hr30 mins on average, this includes induction etc. The main point of the show is to get your audience to see comedy hypnotism under way FAST, this means that we hypnotize as many people as time will allow as we know that your guests want to see the actual show. The show can go on for up to 2hrs30 mins (including interval), however most standard party venues see the normal show being of adequate length. We can discuss all show lengths with you and custom this to your needs.


What is the music that you use in the show?

This question has been asked a few times now, the opening music is O'Verona from the movie Romeo and Juliet, The voice over is by a guy called Chris Marsden. The closing music is the reprise of Mr Blue Sky by ELO and we play out to Take That - Greatest Day.



The Kev Bee Hypnotic experience can be booked for ANY event, the hypnotist show is available for private parties, pubs, clubs, television and radio, weddings, colleges and universities, armed forces home and abroad, corporate events, hotels, cruise liners, holiday camps, cabaret, stag nights, hen nights, product launches, Christmas and New Year parties, bank holiday events. In fact, as long as your venue has electricity then we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.







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